Would You Drink Water with a 1 in 700 Chance of Getting Cancer?

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Another article in the Winston-Salem Journal highlights just how low the new drinking water standards that Gov. McCrory's administration has told residents to adhere to. Their new standard would allow water so contaminated with carcinogens, that it would give a person who drank it daily a 1 in 700 lifetime risk of getting cancer.

From the Winston-Salem Journal story,

Well owners who live near Duke Energy coal ash pits still want to know why they are not protected by a 1 in 1 million standard.

Last spring, state experts in epidemiology and toxicology recommended screening their wells for hexavalent chromium using a health standard that would put them at a lifetime cancer risk of no more than one in a million — a level that the experts said abides by state groundwater-quality rules.

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality and the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday continued to push for standards that put well owners at a lifetime cancer risk that runs between 1 in 7,000 at best and 1 in 700 at worst, according to emails exchanged last year among state health experts, reviewed by the Winston-Salem Journal.



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