Women Across North Carolina Call on Governor McCrory to Keep His Word

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In multiple rallies yesterday in Charlotte and Asheville, women called on Governor McCrory to keep his promise and pledge to veto further restrictions on abortion. The events also featured our Broken Promises Billboard, which will made several more stops across the state this week. 

From the WBTV story,

The groups are urging the governor to veto HB 465. Last month, the House passed the bill that would make North Carolina the fourth state in the nation requiring women to wait three days before getting an abortion. There's now a 24-hour wait.

The bill is in a Senate committee.

“We find this to be medically unnecessary, we find this to be bad medicine, we find this to be bad law and bad for the people of North Carolina,” said Shoshannah Sayers, interim executive director of NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina.

She spoke in front of a rolling billboard that features McCrory and his 2008 response when asked what further restrictions on abortion he would sign. “None,” McCrory replied.


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