What NC Lawmakers Have in Common at the Core

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NC Senate Pres. Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis take another bite out of public education.  And North Carolina teachers take a beating. Take action to stand up for teachers and our schools.

Berger / Tillis - Common Core


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    Dr. Gary HS Strauss
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    We, "common people", need to become better educated as to the motives of our "representatives" while we still have the right to vote. The GOP (Greedy Old Perverts), in NC and nationally, are stealing our democracy to line their pockets and gain as much power as they possibly can. They are school yard bullies who were never punished for their sociopathic behaviors. As I've told my children, standing up to a bully works because they show themselves to be insecure cowards when challenged. My advice: we must speak up for ourselves and each other now and then vote in every election. Dr. Gary HS Strauss, Hillsborough.
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    Marta Alcalá
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    We know your plan is to spend less in education because you don't want educated people in our state. You want, NC people to be kept in the dark as ignorant puppets. They are coming out of the dark! They were blind, but know they see! They are coming!!!
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    Michael Waters
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    Some reptiles eat their young. Humans have for eons worked hard to provide the best for their offspring. Pulling books out of a child's hands ( Library funds cut 2/3rds) shows you are lower than a snake.
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