Web Video Releases Newly Uncovered Photos from the Office of John Tedesco’s Non-Profit

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Progress NC Action calls on Tedesco to present proof of the non-profits accomplishments this year

RALEIGH — Progress NC Action today released a new web video featuring photos of the office of John Tedesco’s non-profit. Tedesco is the President and CEO of the NC Center for Education Reform. But his non-profit appears to be no more than a paper tiger. In two years, the non-profit has produced little work product (click the “In Action > Activities” link on the Center’s website) and newly uncovered photos, taken Aug. 15, of the non-profit’s Raleigh office proves there was little there. The Center’s website continues to list the Raleigh address on its website but another tenant has since moved into the space.

John Tedesco is running on a platform of education “reform” in his campaign for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction and a major piece of his campaign bio is his education non-profit.

“If Tedesco is going to run on his experience as a reformer, he should release details about his non-profit’s accomplishments this year. Otherwise, we will have no other choice than to think he’s running on a fake job,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress NC Action.


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