Residents Scared, Confused After State Flip-Flops on Drinking Water

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State Health Officials are lifting the do-not-drink warnings for some water wells surrounding the Duke Energy Plant. Although nothing has changed, and the levels of hexavalent chromium and vanadium are higher than many municipal water plants. These chemicals have been proven to cause cancer and other tumors when ingested and families are worried.

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State health officials are lifting their do-not-drink notices for some private drinking water wells located near Duke Energy power plants, saying they had erred on the side of caution over the past year.

The notices were based on the levels of two substances in the water -- hexavalent chromium and vanadium – that might come from Duke’s coal ash ponds across the state. But similar levels of those contaminants are present in municipal drinking water across North Carolina and the entire country.

As of Wednesday, DHHS reports that 235 of those wells now no longer have do-not-drink recommendations. Ninety-five wells will still be designated as not for drinking because of the presence of other constitutents aside from hexavalent chromium or vanadium.


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