Video Highlights Second Quarter 2013

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This is a sampling of the dozens of television news stories we received in the Second Quarter of 2013. In addition to coverage in these main TV markets, we also drove dozens more news stories in small and large newspapers across North Carolina. Click on any image or title to bring up the news report:

WRAL - Public Schools Matter - PM
WRAL, Raleigh-Durham: Public Schools Matter


WCCB -Teaching Assistant Cuts - PM
WCCB, Charlotte: Teaching Assistant Lay-Offs


WCNC-Charlotte-Teaching-Assistants - PM
WCNC, Charlotte: Teaching Assistant Lay-Offs


WTVD - Ducked Critics - PM
WTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Did McCrory Duck Critics By Playing Catch?


WNCN - Game of Catch - PM
WNCN, Charlotte: McCrory Avoids Children By Playing Catch


WTVD-RDU-Ballgate - PM
WTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Controversy Over Game of Catch Continues


WNCN - Charlotte - FlashMob - Baseball - PM
WNCN, Baseball Flash Mob Protests Governor’s Actions


WTVD_Lottery Funds_PM
WTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Education Lottery Money Diverted


WXII - Greensboro - Kicked to the Curb - PM
WXII, Greensboro: Unemployed Kicked to the Curb


 Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC, featuring our Executive Director, Gerrick Brenner:

MSNBC Appearance


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