VIDEO: College Republicans Try To Suppress Voter Registration On Campus

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A new video has surfaced showing the chair of the High Point University College Republicans attempting to stop organizers who were trying to register voters on HPU's campus. The organizers registering voters were from Turning Point USA, a conservative group, yet they were told by the head of the College Republicans, “I don’t want to have any voting registration happening on this campus with students." Here's the video of the encounter:



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    David Klein
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    As this video clearly indicates, nobody with a college education should be permitted to vote anyway. All good.
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    Philip Weathersbee
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    Mom and dad taught her this BS
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    Can't<br /> Understand<br /> Normal<br /> Thinking
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    Suzie Andrew
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    She makes me ashamed to say I graduated from HPU! Hopefully, that is not the attitude of President Nido Qubein and that he will straighten that idiot out PDQ!
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