Veteran Teachers Feel Disrespected And Angry About Budget Deal

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The Sanford Herald reports on veteran teachers who feel disrespected by the paltry raises that veteran teachers will receive under the budget agreement. For some of our most experienced and qualified teachers, the raises can be as low as 0.3%. From The Herald's article,

"It's disconcerting to us that you have no respect for the teachers who have proven themselves and who have dedicated their lives," said Vicki Wilkins, a longtime teacher at Southern Lee High School and president of the local chapter of the N.C. Association of Educators.

The raises varied based on years of experience from 0.3 percent to 18.5 percent, with the largest numbers reserved for teachers with five to 10 years of experience. Wilkins said that's great for them, but the legislature shouldn't ignore the 20- and 30-year veterans. She compared it to a college basketball team starting all freshmen, only to find out that they're lost without the seniors' experience and leadership.

"You need [the veterans] to be mentors to the younger teachers," she said.

One such veteran, Sandi Shover, has taught for 20 years, including 17 in North Carolina. A language arts teacher at West Lee Middle School, Shover said she still isn't convinced the Republicans in control of the General Assembly truly value teachers.

"I have looked at [the pay plan] extensively and cursed at it," she said. "Don't get me wrong; I am grateful for any raise because I haven't had a raise in so long. ... [But] if you look at the chart, the raises are all over the place."



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    So much is wrong with these so-called raises. It was a quick fix for the upcoming election. It is shameful that new grad school graduates will not be rewarded and no raises for the next 5 years. It doesn't compute
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    M Doss
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    Yeah Bev Perdue really got us in a mess didn't she or has everyone forgotten?
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    Rita Southern
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    When looking back at the pay scale for North Carolina teachers, how is it that the current pay scale is $6000 less than in 2006. How is it our pay is less now?
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    J. Campbell
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    It is a shame to disrespect teachers who have dedicated their whole career to NC Public Schools...I have 35 years and I am getting about .018% in the end.
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    Mark Jones
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    Instead of complaining online, we just need to schedule a statewide walkout for all veteran teachers. This is the only way anything will get done. Parents will be upset and the legislature will have to do something. They can't fire us all.
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    P. Gibson
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    M. Doss - I think you'd best look again at your facts about Bev Purdue. She tried to do more for teachers, but had so many of these same uncaring, disrespectful, legislative bullies to deal with - and her hands were tied. Don't blame her for any of this mess!!!
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    Cyndi Crosby-Morell
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    I think a statewide walkout would be exactly what these politicians want veteran teachers to do. NC students would get their educational services interrupted and this would be used against teachers. School districts could easily get rid of veteran teachers since walking off the job is a fireable offense.
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    Mark Jones
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    So what. We just continue to sit back and let these bullies dictate our future. It's time we stand up for ourselves. This nonsense has gone on long enough!
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    H. Varner
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    A walkout would be great, but the problem with teachers is that we care too much about our students to do that.
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    Denise Harrelson
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    It is time to walk out.....statewide, and parents join in with us and walk out of school too. The education of your children by highly qualified and experienced teachers is at stake. This insanity must end. Walk Out -Vote Out.
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    They tried to do away with tenure and failed. Perhaps they want the experienced ones to quit or move? It is obvious<br /> They think anyone with a BS only, no experience and no mentors available can stand in front of 30 plus kids and teach them. <br /> Probably the majority send their kids to a taxpayer funded private school so they do no care about public schools.
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    Bchauv igne
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    You can't walk out without risking you job......but you can get the blue flu and call in sick. One or two days is not going to hurt the students academic progress, but it would make a statement.
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    Abby M
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    Starting year 29 of teaching in NC and I feel completely invaluable. I am extremely disappointed in my state and will definitely remember the decisions made regarding teacher raises come November. <br /> A decision to give raises should be the same amount across the board with gradual increases each year and NOT taking away earned longevity in order to give a teacher with less experience a huge raise. The writing is on the wall and in my opinion NC hopes veteran teachers retire. Thanks for nothing NC! You really know how to show true appreciation for veteran teachers!
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    theresa zeigler
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    Don't send students home by having a teacher walk out, send the legislators home. Vote!
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    Retired and soooo Happy!
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    They think by giving the new teachers more they will stay, because the veterans will soon be leaving, not taking into account that the veterans are the backbone for the newer teachers and that's why they are successful. They don't teach you how to teach in college, you learn once you're in the classroom. <br /> Teachers can make a difference at the polls, so go out and vote theses so called know it alls who would run for their lives if you put them in a classroom. You have the power right in your hands. Stop voting the way your parents voted. These are different times and we must get rid of the garbage in our state, who wants to get and not give. They don't seem to remember that someone took the time to teach them once upon a time ago. Bev was a good Gov., and she couldn't do it all by herself, there were those same no account members that didn't want a woman telling them what to do and would vote for dirt rather than pass a bill with her.
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    Frank McGuirt
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    M Doss, Bev Perdue did NOT get teachers "in a mess" as you stated above. She fought for teachers &amp; public education in general. The REPUBLICANS crafted that first damaging budget. Gov, Perdue vetoed their budget because of cuts to public education among other things. Republicans over rode her veto. I know, I was in the House at the time. Don't blame Gov. Perdue for what Republicans did and she tried to stop. If you vote Republican you're aiding in their nefarious deeds.
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    We need to sever the ties with the universities- and refuse to mentor new teachers - maybe if they won't value us on our level- they will listen to the colleges. When they can't place interns - they will have a problem- bottom line is that everyone must be on board!
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    Jean Howe
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    First of all, we need to be treated EQUALLY. This means you don't fool with our longevity pay and not the longevity pay of all the rest of the state employees. To single us out, as such, makes us feel we are not as important as other state employees. Secondly, give all of us an EQUAL raise. Don't go out and mislead the public saying we got 7%. We also need ANNUAL cost of living increases. let's try thinking out of the box: Perhaps teachers in NC could be exempt from paying state income tax. Many teachers are moving to Texas for twice the salary and NO state income tax. Instead of taking away benefits (such as fooling with our longevity and not all state employee's longevity) try GIVING us something that makes us feel valued. Nothing has been done to make us feel valued.<br /> <br /> So, it's not just about the salary schedule. It's about being valued as an educator. We teachers are continually being punished for doing a good job even in our own workplace. Example: If you have good discipline techniques, you get assigned the rowdiest students the next year. If you have been doing a good job in your grade level, but desire a change, you get told, "We can't move you to another position because you are doing too good of a job where you are." If you have good test scores, you get assigned all the Exceptional children. The principals grant parents their teacher requests, and guess what? All the young, pretty teachers get the gifted students!<br /> <br /> My question back to you is how can you, as legislators, reward teachers in a way that makes them feel valued? Take away longevity? Take away tenure? Take away master's pay? How about giving us something? How about free lunches (an $810.00 value per year based on the 4.50 per day we get charged for lunches X 180 days)? How about no state income tax? How about duty free lunch (we don't get that here in my county due to some loophole in the law). I have not had duty free lunch since I moved to NC in 1988. How about making this law work for everyone? How about using more money from the lottery for education?<br /> <br /> How about giving us something without taking something else away? Can anybody there fathom such a thought?<br /> <br /> In a nutshell, treat us fairly and equally. Make us feel valued, not consistently devalued and singled out for punishment.
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    Carole Ellis
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    Teachers need to come out in numbers, big numbers to vote against these legislators who do not respect public school teachers. Be sure to know who you are voting for and be sure to ask questions of all candidates running for the legislature. I would also suggest that you write letters to the editor expressing your opinion about the positive aspects of a public school education. These people in the legislature just do not get it! SHAME ON THEM!
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    Pamela Collum
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    My sister Ginny is a Teacher. The teaching profession is so important to our children and their futures, In spite of all the BS you need to navigate to advocate for your pupils. I live <br /> In South Carolina and I assure you OUR Legislators make sure they take care of themselves first Like your NC<br /> legislators, the rest of us get the crumbs...<br /> In November don't vote for an Incumbent , esp. If they are<br /> Republican, Let's sweep the bums out, and I support a<br /> Teacher Blue day or Time Out go for it! as for those young<br /> Teachers coming out of the Mill, They should be honored<br /> To be mentored by someone who can TEACH them.
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    Terry Morris
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    The disrespect to veteran teachers is amazing. They might as well give just us the finger. Veteran teachers are essential to any staff,ask the younger teachers who become frustrated and want to quit. Young teachers who need examples in classroom management, when so-called advanced methods don't work. Law makers have basically told veteran teachers to kiss their behind but be reminded law makers, the modeling of veteran teachers is invaluable.
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