US Justice Department asks judge to halt HB2

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As the legal battle for HB2 continues, with both the Department of Justice and Governor McCrory filing lawsuits to defend and condemn the law, the Justice Department has asked a federal judge to halt the implementation of HB2 as it looks to permanently stop HB2. 

The Charlotte Observer: 

According to the 70-page legal brief filed late Tuesday night, “excluding transgender men and women from bathroom and changing facilities consistent with their gender identity causes significant and irreparable physical, psychological, economic, social, and stigmatic harm to transgender people.”

After the DOJ asked Gov. Pat McCrory to denounce the law, McCrory and legislative leaders filed lawsuits asking that a judge determine the law is not discriminatory. The DOJ responded with a lawsuit of its own, seeking an injunction to suspend the law while a judge determines that it is illegal.

In its brief Tuesday, the DOJ noted that when recipients of federal financial assistance separate individuals based on sex, compliance with Title IX means that they treat transgender men as men and transgender women as women, in the context of changing facilities and restrooms.

The brief goes on to say that the privacy and public safety concerns surrounding HB2 “are factually baseless and legally insufficient to justify this discrimination.”

The ongoing legal battle surrounding HB2 reiterates Governor McCrory's adamance in upholding a discriminatory law, rather than comply with the federal government and push North Carolina forward. 




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    This is discrimatory and a total<br /> embarrassment to the state of NC,<br /> not to even mention the thousands <br /> of dollars in revenue it is costing the state !!! It DOES NOT REPRESENT<br /> THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN NC !!
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