UNC sends wrong message through program cuts

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Cuts have become a commonplace occurrence for the University of North Carolina system for the last few years, and that trend doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. The system's governing body, the Board of Governors, recently cut 46 total academic programs from the various 16 campuses, many of which included gender and women's studies, africana studies, education programs, and fine arts programs.

In some cases, the argument was that many of these programs had few students enrolled, so continuing to offer them wasted money. More generally, though, the Governors appear to be following the lead of Gov. Pat McCrory and his pal Art Pope — slashing back on classes that aren’t directly training students for a career. 

McCrory, after all, famously remarked that anyone who wants to study gender issues should do so at a private university (and, incidentally, hope their daddies can pay the tuition).

From the Shelby Star


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    It's pretty obvious, McCrory and the Republicans want to destroy our educational system!!!
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