UNC Professors, Administration Push Back on Legislative Overreach

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The North Carolina state legislature has overstepped their bounds in regards to the UNC school system and UNC is fighting back. UNC believes the state legislature has overreached in terms of the state budget regarding how the schools spend their money. In response, UNC has passed a resolution detailing their concerns and stating their main focus is to preserve the governance and academic integrity of UNC with the backing of several key players in the UNC system.   

From The News and Observer: 

The council overwhelmingly passed a resolution Friday saying, “it is essential that the time-honored principles and practices of faculty participation in the shared governance of the University of North Carolina be preserved.”

At issue were several items in the state budget that UNC system faculty leaders say amounts to legislative overreach, including the establishment of K-12 lab schools at eight campuses, the formation of an environmental policy center at UNC-Chapel Hill and the override of a UNC Board of Governors penalty on UNC-CH for exceeding the 18 percent cap on out-of-state students.

Earlier in September the UNC Faculty Assembly passed a resolution expressing opposition to the legislature’s foray into these areas, which it said are the prerogative of the Board of Governors, along with UNC chancellors and the system president, Margaret Spellings, in consultation with the faculty. The assembly asserted that the legislature’s moves circumvented administrative structures, established procedures and board authority.

On Friday, Chapel Hill faculty representatives affirmed those concerns with their resolution. The vote followed an update on the N.C. Policy Collaboratory, a controversial entity established at the Chapel Hill campus for environmental policy and research.


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