UNC Board of Governors gets an 'F'

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The UNC Board of Governors have chosen a new President for the 17 campus system, Margaret Spellings, a woman from Texas with no discernible ties to North Carolina. Spellings serves on the board of the company that owns the online University of Phoenix and served as President George W. Bush's Education Secretary. Not only is Spellings unworthy, but the process which brought her to office most definitely earned a failing grade. The previous President, Tom Ross, was fired without reason, and the Board then took ten months to nominate one candidate, Margaret Spellings. Due to the fiasco, some have begun to call on John Fennebresque, the chairman of the Board, to resign. 

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Former state Sen. Thom Goolsby, a member of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina, thinks the board's chairman, John Fennebresque, should quit.

First, the Board forced the resignation of incumbent UNC President Tom Ross, a year or two ahead of his mandatory retirement age. Not (they hastened to add) because Ross was doing a bad job; just ... because.

The fact that Ross had taken office back when Democrats controlled the Board of Governors might have had something to do with it.

Then, for 10 months, the board wobbled about silently, finding a successor. This irked state legislators, who had picked the Governors for such a job. (Most, in fact, including Goolsby, were elected by the legislature's current Republican super-majority.)

That lucky candidate is one Margaret Spellings, a career Texas bureaucrat with a bachelor's degree, who served four years as Gov. George W. Bush's education secretary.

One of the bright minds behind Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy -- and we all know how well that worked -- Spellings has no known connections to the state of North Carolina. She was, however, a loyal Bush campaign aide, and she currently heads the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

While in office, she also came in second in a match of "Celebrity Jeopardy!", which is apparently sufficient academic credentials to run a university.

As an exercise in democracy and open government, however, the selection process was a fiasco. It was clumsy and unnecessarily secret.


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    Losing Tom Ross is one hell of a setback to progressive higher education. To replace him with a Karl Rove discovery is a further sign of the foolish and thuggish government the state has found in its Republican majorities. I wish Margaret Spellings well, but I see no evidence she is anything more than a sycophantic tool.
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