Low Performing Charter Schools in Charlotte May Close

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Kennedy and Crossroads charter schools will undergo a vote by the N.C. Board of Education to determine if they will remain open after the school year ends. 

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But they also heard Alex Quigley, a Durham charter school operator who chairs the advisory board, argue that it’s important for the state to take a stand against long-standing academic failure in schools that were created to offer better alternatives to traditional public schools. The Charter School Advisory Board voted in December to recommend that the state not renew either charter.

“We have to ask ourselves where our bar is,” Quigley told the Board of Education. “We would like to maintain our autonomy, but we need to be held to a high standard.”

In the past two years, Charlotte has seen three startup charter schools fail in their opening year, beset by academic and financial problems. But this is a new twist: Kennedy and Crossroads have been around for more than a decade.

Both schools serve the type of students who tend to struggle in traditional schools as well, with most coming from impoverished homes. Both received F grades from the state based on 2015 test results.

The two schools combined serve only about 500 students and got about $6.5 million from taxpayers last year.



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