Triangle Workers Rally To Raise the Minimum wage

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Joining a national day of action, workers and residents in the Triangle held a series of events, calling on politicians in Raleigh to raise the minimum wage. 

From the News and Observer article,

Low-wage workers along with university faculty and students in the Triangle joined a nationwide rally Wednesday calling for increasing the minimum wage and the freedom to unionize.

Events in Durham and Raleigh were part of a now 2 1/2 year campaign aimed at pressuring companies and politicians to boost wages for workers in industries such as fast food, child care and cleaning services.

The effort has gained momentum in recent months as several large employers, including Wal-Mart Stores and McDonald’s, have announced plans to boost wages for their workers.

The Triangle events began at 6:15 a.m. in Durham, with about 60 low-wage workers and supporters holding a 90-minute demonstration outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Besides fast-food employees, the Durham group included child care and home care workers, university faculty members and students.

“This is bigger than fast food now,” said demonstrator George Hargrove of Durham, who said he has worked for McDonald’s for 12 years and makes only $8 an hour as a trainee manager. 



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