Trailing In The Polls, Tillis Flip Flops on Medicaid Expansion

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With Speaker Tillis continuing to trail Senator Hagan in the polls, his campaign is getting increasingly desperate. After his strident opposition to everything related to the Affordable Care Act, particularly Medicaid expansion as Speaker, Tillis is now saying the state should explore expansion. The comments came during a Tillis appearance on Time Warner Cable News. From the News and Observer article on the remarks Tillis made last night

Medicaid: Asked if he thought it would be likely that the state legislature would expand Medicaid coverage after refusing to do so previously, Tillis said it might make sense once the state has better control of the financing of the program, which is notorious for its cost overruns.

He said he didn’t have an ideological objection to expanding the coverage. But he said when the state auditor told the previous governor that money was being wasted on it, the appropriate response would not have been to make it bigger and more costly.

“I would encourage the state legislature and governor to consider it if they’re completely convinced they now have the situation under control,” Tillis said.

Same-sex marriage: Tillis said he had not seen Senate leader Phil Berger’s announcement earlier Tuesday that he would introduce legislation protecting state officials who refuse to perform same-sex marriages based on religious exemptions.

“We have to worry about an assault on religious freedom in this country,” Tillis said.



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    I have really had enough of Tillis and his lies and double talk. Tillis and his teaparty friends are ruining our state. Medicaid should have been expanded long ago. Their refusal to expand it is nothing more than partisan politics, they only care about their money backers and not the people of North Carolina. Futhermore the only attack of "religious liberties" is coming from right. Our Constituion explictly says seperation of church and state. Religion is not and should never be part of our Gov. or legal system. The greatness of our nation is our ability to respect others views, including religion. Our elected officals take an oath to uphold the duties of their office. If their religious beliefs keep them from doing their job then they should not be on the job. To make a law to exempt them from thier duties is just plain dumb. I dont want my tax money to continue to be spent for these lawsuits.
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    Cheryl, unfortunately plenty of voters DO want tax money to continue to be spent for such lawsuits. We need to realize that it's not so much politicians hacking away at basic rights and liberties but THE ELECTORATE which votes them into power.
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    Samuel<br /> Although I do agree that the electorate is electing those who do us and the state harm. And by doing so they are voting against their own best interests. Until voters start educating themselves instead of their fixation on the Fox News Network, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck they will remain misinformed and vote that way.
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