Toxic Water Worries Homeowners Living In Shadows of Duke Coal Ash Dump

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The Associated Press has the story of concerned residents living near one of Duke Energy's remaining coal ash dumps. Since 2011, water tests have shown that the coal ash dump is leaking toxic chemicals, at levels above state law. 

Since 2011, Duke and North Carolina environmental regulators have known that groundwater samples taken from monitoring wells near the Thomases' home and others in Dukeville contained substances — some that can be toxic — exceeding state standards.

The state could have required Duke to implement a cleanup plan to prevent spreading contamination. That never happened, state regulators said, because they weren't certain whether coal ash production was to blame or if the substances were naturally occurring.

Those living near the plant were never warned and continued using their well water for drinking, bathing and cooking. Now the Thomases and their neighbors wonder not only what's in their water, but whether it's harmed them or their children.

It's time for Duke Energy to clean up the its toxic coal ash pits that are constantly leaching dangerous chemicals into the ground. Email your legislators telling them to pass real reform that forces Duke Energy to clean up all coal ash ponds without rate increases for customers.


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