Top Senator: McCrory 'doesn't play much of a role in anything'

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While Governor McCrory may have met with House and Senate leaders to discuss the budget negotiations, Senator Tom Apodaca, the powerful Rules Committee Chairman, says the Governor doesn't have much power at all. 

From the News and Observer,

Senate Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca has a blunt assessment of Gov. Pat McCrory’s role in state budget negotiations.

The Asheville Citizen-Times published an interview Monday with Apodaca, a Republican from Hendersonville and a powerful ally of Senate leader Phil Berger. The paper asked Apodaca if the governor would have a part in budget talks between the House and Senate.

“No,” Apodaca replied. “The governor doesn’t play much of a role in anything.”


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    Seems like he cares nothing about TA's jobs nor Teacher's???<br /> ARE YOU FEEDING US AND PAYING THE BILLS FOR US???<br /> HOW WILL MY KID'S EAT??????????????????????????
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    This does not let McCrory off the hook for signing some of the awful bills that you all have put before him. Even when he did the right thing, you idiots overrode the veto.
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