Top GOP Consultant Unleashes Epic #NeverTrump Tweetstorm

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As Republicans like Gov. McCrory and Senator Burr begin to jump on the #TrumpTrain, longtime GOP political consultant, Rick Wilson had harsh words for Trump and those working to put a bigot in the Oval Office. 


Veteran Republican consultant Rick Wilson has been at the vanguard of the #NeverTrump movement. As other anti-Trump Republicans have fallen in line for the sake of party unity, Wilson has continued to launch fiery (and profanity-laced) tirades against the presumptive GOP nominee and the party poobahs backing him. On Wednesday night, he unleashed an epic tweetstorm, denouncing Republican National Committee staffers for working to get Trump elected. "You own this," he warned. "You're covered in his stench."

Mr. Wilson's long twitter rant asserts that Donald is a danger to the GOP and to the Republic, while encouraging those working for him to not "stain" their careers. Hopefully, Mr. Wilson's statements are heard by other Republicans and encourage others to see the grave error of electing Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. 


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