Too Little, Too Late for McCrory and State Employees

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Monday, it was announced that state employees will receive a bonus added to their October checks, just two weeks shy of Election Day. The coincidental timing of the bonuses and Election Day leaves little room for debate that this is a political strategy for McCrory to get the over 62,000 state employees out to vote for him.

Unfortunately for him, 4 years of neglect won't be forgotten with one minuscule raise

From WRAL:

State employees will get promised one-time bonuses in their October paychecks, the Office of State Human Resources announced in a memo Monday, prompting some to speculate if the timing might not have political significance.

A single 0.5 percent lump-sum bonus, as well as any performance bonuses, will arrive for most state employees at the end of October, timing that puts it squarely in the middle of North Carolina's early voting period and less than two weeks before the Nov. 8 Election Day. 

Critics of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory say the pay bumps appear to be aimed at currying the favor of North Carolina's more than 62,000 full-time state workers when they go to the polls.

"It's too little too late for McCrory with state employees," said Ardis Watkins, the chief lobbyist for the State Employees Association of North Carolina.

"They've not been part of any Carolina Comeback," she added, naming one of McCrory's signature campaign themes.


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    I would like to know if retirees will receive their one time annual bonus the end of October as well
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