To honor Orlando’s dead, NC must repeal HB2

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The tragic Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub this past weekend reminds us all of the discrimination and hatred that the LGBT+ community faces in a post marriage equality United States. Such hateful rhetoric is continuously fueled by policies such as North Carolina's HB2 bill that actively discriminates against the LGBT community in our state. As the nation and many in the world stand in solidarity with the victims of this weekend's tragedy, it is imperative that North Carolina repeal the HB2 law. 

The News & Observer: 

In Florida, we saw what happens when people nourish themselves with LGBT hate: 49 die at the hands of a man who hates people he has never met, 49 lives are cut short way too soon, 49 families are broken forever. And many others will live permanently scarred from that terrible day.

In the spirit of writing a better story, North Carolina must decide whether it will choose to back off from such hate or risk its escalation. House Bill 2 is a N.C. law that diminishes the right to sue for discrimination in state court and prohibits transgender people from using restrooms that match their gender identities. It was not passed to fix a genuine harm, but it has caused real emotional and economic harm to the people of North Carolina.

The day after the Orlando shootings, members of the LGBT community must have felt doubly unsafe in North Carolina. Their community was targeted for a most horrific mass shooting in the South, and HB2 remains the law of their state.

In memory of the Orlando victims and to show support for the safety and well-being of our LGBT community, now is the time to acknowledge the poisonous potential of hate and show that North Carolina stands against it. Now is the time to act from a place of compassion for our LGBT community and repeal HB2.




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