Tillis in DC During NCGA Budget Stalemate

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With the fiscal year over, lawmakers in Raleigh should be out of session, but instead the House and Senate have yet to agree on a budget. Some lawmakers point the finger at Tillis, who has been traveling a lot during session, often to fundraisers in DC. The News and Observer quotes a Republican Senator, who thinks the Speaker's absence has hurt the process,

But some GOP senators harbor lingering acrimony over previous battles. Others suggest Tillis’ Senate campaign has exacerbated tensions.

“It’s obvious the speaker’s been traveling a lot and we need his leadership,” said Sen. Tommy Tucker, a Republican from Waxhaw. “Do I think the process would have moved along more smoothly had he been here more? Absolutely.”

Tillis has skipped at least part of several legislative days, including Wednesday’s entire session and much of Thursday’s. Tillis said he was at off-site business meetings and a fundraiser.

So where was Thom Tillis during the last day of the fiscal year? In Washington, DC raising money.

It costs NC taxpayers $50,000 for every extra day of session. Maybe Thom Tillis can use some of those campaign contributions from Washington, DC to make up the difference. 


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