Tillis Donors Stand To Make Millions From Taxpayer Money

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NBC Charlotte is reporting that donors who have given Thom Tillis tens of thousands of dollars in direct campaign contributions, will likely make millions from the construction of a new exit ramp deemed critical to their development. A transportation bill the Tillis led General Assembly passed last year, which authorized toll roads on I-77, also contained a new fund of money for road construction in the area. The new allotment, estimated to be $150 million dollars, will be used in part to build a new exit, number 27, that a development company, ACN, viewed as critical to a property they were developing. Originally the developers of the lot offered to front the estimated $40 million price tag for the new exit, but the bill pushed through by Speaker Tillis ensures the new developers won't need to do that. So what did it cost the company? Well, the day after the bill was signed by the Governor, executives and wives from ACN donated $26,000 to Tillis' Senate campaign. Here's NBC Charlotte's report:



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