Three tech giants want NC to keep renewable energy mandate

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North Carolina has been a regional leader in clean energy thanks in large part to the renewable energy mandate that was passed in 2007. With lawmakers currently debating scrapping those regulations, Google, Apple, and Facebook all recently signed a letter to House speaker Time Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger urging them to continue North Carolina's commitment to clean energy. 

“The current policies were put in place after careful consideration and produce significant benefits – something we have seen consistently in states with strong commitments to renewable energy – which include providing sustainable sources of power, diversifying the energy supply, supporting innovation, and providing billions of dollars of in-state economic growth and thousands of jobs throughout the state,” the letter says.

“The undersigned companies have chosen to locate in North Carolina in part because the state’s existing energy policies enable us to operate and grow our businesses in furtherance of the goals mentioned above,” the letter says. “Any change should therefore consider not just protecting, but expanding these benefits, and any changes should include a comprehensive review of energy policies through established, inclusive stakeholder processes.”

From the Triangle Business Journal


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    The residents of North Carolina must be proud that their state is very forward thinking when it comes to renewable energy policies. The fact is that wind and solar power are now very cost effective. Residential solar power makes more sense now than ever. Learn all about it here -
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