Thom Tillis Can't Run From His General Assembly Record

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A new video today compiles some of Speaker Thom Tillis' "greatest hits" during his time as Speaker of the NC House. He was busy during session raising money in Washington, DC and is already trying to whitewash his record. Check out the video:


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    Nicely done - says it all. As a teacher, my students and I are among those who have taken the brunt of his ALEC agenda - bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. He has been terrible for NC. One of McCrazy's cohorts.
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    D J Bost
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    I'm always happy to share your posts. However, you really need to PROOFread your text before posting. The word you surely mean is "compiles"; NOT "complies"--that word makes absolutely no sense in the context of your topic. Please, READ what you write! Don't make us look ignorant like the other side.
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    A Mathis
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    Time for Tillis to go!!!!
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