Third Time’s a Charm, or Three Strikes and You’re Out? McCrory Proposes Yet Another Fundamentally Flawed Plan for Teacher Raises

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After his first two proposals were widely panned by educators, Gov. McCrory’s third plan in five months to raise teacher salaries has the same problems as the others

Gov. Pat McCrory has released his third plan in five months to raise North Carolina teacher salaries, as the House and Senate struggle to reconcile their own proposals. Unfortunately, this new plan comes with the exact same fundamental funding flaws which sunk the first two.

Gov. McCrory’s newest plan largely mirrors the House’s proposal, which was widely discredited for using bogus projections of state lottery revenue to pay for the raises. But instead of a responsible long-term strategy to raise teacher pay to the national average, Gov. McCrory’s third proposal simply uses the same old budget gimmicks and one-time funding that made his first two plans such abysmal failures.

“These recycled education proposals are like a car with a busted transmission,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress North Carolina. “Gov. McCrory just keeps slapping a new paint job on this rusted jalopy while ignoring the problem under the hood - a huge tax giveaway for the wealthy.”

Despite Gov. McCrory’s 2013 State of the State promise that any tax overhauls would be “revenue neutral,” lawmakers have cut state revenue by $2.5 billion over five years with their reckless tax cuts to big corporations and the wealthy. That’s $2.5 billion that could have gone toward textbooks, teaching assistants, smaller class sizes, and better pay for public school teachers. Instead, it’s going to line the pockets of McCrory’s corporate cronies and wealthy campaign donors. Budget limitations are now triggered by bad choices by McCrory and the current legislature.

"I have so much respect for educators, and they understand also some of our balancing needs of meeting Medicaid payments, of meeting transportation payments," McCrory said when he unveiled his latest plan.

But if that’s really true, he should do the one thing that would solve all of those problems and encourage lawmakers to repeal their reckless giveaways to big corporations and the wealthy.


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