The Norquist/Berger Tax Fairness Scam = A Tax Hike for 80%

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RALEIGH—Progress NC Action today called on Senate Republicans, Phil Berger and Grover Norquist to come clean about their version of tax reform.  It’s not a tax cut, but a tax increase on hardworking taxpayers and a giveaway to the wealthy, special interests and corporations. When they say “tax fairness” they really mean the exact opposite.

In a press conference this morning, Berger and Norquist refused to admit their plan is a tax increase on hardworking taxpayers.

Norquist is in Raleigh today to throw his support behind the Senate/Berger tax plan deceivingly called the “Tax Fairness Act.” But the reality is the Act isn’t fair at all. According to the NC Budget and Tax Center, after three years the plan would actually raise taxes on 80% of North Carolinians—everyone making below $84,000 a year—while giving a tax cut for the richest few. That’s not fair.

According to Phil Berger’s own tax calculator, a family of four making $35,000 would see their taxes go up in year one, but a single person making $1 million would get a $60,000 tax cut. That’s not fair.

And seniors, many on fixed incomes, would see tax increases on prescription drugs and their social security benefits. That’s not fair.

“The Norquist/Berger notion of tax fairness is a farce,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC Action.  “Only in some Orwellian twilight zone does a plan which cuts taxes for millionaires and raises taxes on groceries add up to fairness.”


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