McCrory's Hometown Newspaper Calls His Behavior "Incomprehensible"

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Like most North Carolinians, The Charlotte Observer is done with McCrory. His his bogus voter fraud accusations and refusal to concede are further tarnishing his reputation. He is also perpetuating the myth that there is massive voter fraud in North Carolina, even though there is very clearly not, as most of his voter fraud accusations have been rejected by GOP-controlled boards. McCrory is pushing too hard and hurting North Carolinians in the process. It's time for him to concede.

From The Charlotte Observer:

Pat McCrory, it appears, is going through the five stages of grief. First came denial, then anger. Right now he’s in the bargaining stage. That, thankfully, means that depression and finally acceptance should not be far behind.

Such a cycle may be normal, but what the governor has done since the Nov. 8 election is anything but. In a razor-close race, he has gone way beyond asking that every vote be counted before a winner is declared. He and his fellow scaremongers have disrespected democracy and honest election workers of both parties while slandering innocent North Carolina citizens by recklessly accusing them of felonies. In doing so, he has further tarnished his already-stained legacy and will be remembered always for the lack of grace he showed in what may be his final election.

His behavior is so incomprehensible – he fights in the face of virtually certain defeat – that it suggests there is an alternative goal. Like President-elect Donald Trump’s, McCrory’s creation of phantom election cheats tills the ground for future voter suppression efforts. Flimsy though the allegations are, they are all legislative leaders would need in their efforts to justify politically motivated restrictions. Witness N.C. GOP leader Dallas Woodhouse’s statement Monday night, in which he intoned voter problems “will still linger long after the current results are certified.”


  1. Tracy Stark's avatar
    Tracy Stark
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    Gov. McCrory, enough already. You are making a fool of yourself. Bow out gracefully, if you still can.
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    Lynn Archbold
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    Pat, you are doing nothing more than solidifying the opinion that were never more than a puppet for bigger fish. Go away, lick your wounds while you can still hold your head up.
  3. Linda Konold's avatar
    Linda Konold
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    Please concede u r acting like our toddler president elect....
  4. David seymour's avatar
    David seymour
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    McCrory it is not always about you all the time, just like our President Elect. Say I am done and go home, like a good little boy!
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    Jay Cohen
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    Time to put on your big boy pants and act like an adult. You lost fair and square and the people have spoken. We don't want you! Try and retain, at least, a little dignity!
  6. Mel Zofnas's avatar
    Mel Zofnas
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    Pat go back to Duke energy! Oh that's right your not Gov, they don't need you anymore.
  7. Dorothy Southard's avatar
    Dorothy Southard
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    Voters have spoken ! Go back to Ohio.
  8. Alice Faye Yandle's avatar
    Alice Faye Yandle
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    As a Poll worker I see this as a slap in the face to everyone who got out and early voted and showed up to vote on Election day. It might have worked for Trump saying the election was rigged, he got elected. You Pat McCrory got Flushed, now be a good boy and come home to that bed you had to sleep in, that we as Taxpayers paid for you to come home to sleep.
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    Artie Dixon
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    He always wants to be at the top of the heap. So he's finally scored. He''s made it to the top: the most immoral governor in the history of the state. He's made a mockery of the office.
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    aramati ishaya
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    You have embarrassed us as a State, a voting block of honest and respectable citizens and concerned human beings for the rights of others. <br /> It is past time to step aside and take your response from voters who made their choice. It is clear. Do what is right.
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    Olivia Carter
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    You lost! Accept it and move on!!! You are being petty!!
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