Teachers Skeptical of Budget Deal

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Following the announcement by President Pro Tem Berger and Speaker Tillis that the framework for a budget deal had finally be agreed to, WRAL reports on teachers and other advocates for public education who are concerned about the plan. After all, this is the same Phil Berger who triumphantly announced his plan for a big teacher pay raise, only to reveal later that it required firing over 7000 teacher assistants. From WRAL's article,

But teachers at the top of the pay scale – those with the most experience – will receive a raise much smaller than 7 percent, said Mark Jewell, N.C. Association of Educators vice-president. He described the plan as a “down payment on the state’s IOU to public education.”

“I think the devil is in the details,” Jewell said. “We have strong concerns on this right now.”

Raises for bus drivers, cafeteria workers and other school support employees are only half of those of other state employees under the plan, said Jewell, who added that lottery money and some one-time funding will be used to pay for the budget.

“We do feel like there is going to be job losses to fund this,” he said.

During the press conference yesterday, there was a deliberate attempt to hide the ball on where the money is coming from. We'll have to wait and see what the true cost is once full details of the proposal are released to the public. 


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    Teachers should be more than skeptical. This conservative bunch has been proven to not be trusted time and time again. It's more than obvious where their priorities are and it's certainly not teachers or anyone else unless it's those who highly contribute to their campaigns and line their pockets.
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