Teachers At Now Defunct Charter School Haven't Been Paid

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WBTV is reporting that former teachers from Concrete Roses, the Charlotte charter school that closed its doors just weeks into the school year, haven't been paid and it's unclear if there is any recourse for them. From the Charlotte Observer story,

Some teachers from now closed Concrete Roses STEM Academy are struggling to make ends meet. The school shut down September 19th and one worker claims she has never gotten a paycheck for her work.

"Not one single paycheck." Concrete Roses STEM Academy Cafeteria Manager Tamika Frye said.

Frye left the school in August and says not getting a paycheck is hurting her. She is behind in her bills.

"It definitely impacts my household bills," Frye said. "Because if you don't get paid, you can't pay your bills. I have children."

Frye says she talked to the school's founder, Dr. Cedrick Stone, about when she would get paid.

She says this is what he told her. "The school is shut down," Frye said. "So I don't have any money to pay you, so I don't know what to tell you."

Other teachers are now worried about getting their paycheck. Their next pay day is September 30. But school's founder tells WBTV teachers will not get paid on September 30th. Stone says he is still working to find the money.

"It's deeply concerning," Former teacher Beth Berg said. "These teachers and staff members were working at the school because they believe in kids and we make sacrifices as teachers."

Pay is not the only thing that troubled teachers at the school. They say working at the charter school was a challenge.

"We didn't have any textbooks," Berg said. "We didn't have any teacher support. We didn't have WIFI at the school, so we couldn't stream anything in. We couldn't do any research at school. We were handicapped to do the very best that we could for our students."

The state tells WBTV it gave Concrete Roses STEM Academy $285,170 back in July.

Officials believe that was enough to get started educating 185 students the school expected to enroll, but only 126 students enrolled. The state also adds Concrete Roses STEM Academy is getting no more money from the state. And the state says it is the responsibility of the charter school to pay its teachers. 


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    There needs to be recourse for teachers and staff who don't get paid by their charter school employer. <br /> <br /> Some person or organization (maybe the board of the charter or the people who approved the charter school) needs to be responsible when teachers and staff don't get paid, and sue-able if not paying continues. Maybe this responsibility needs to be part of the charter application system. <br /> <br /> Also, when charters fail and close, the students get dumped back onto the public schools, but the money stays with the closed charters. That needs to be handled as well.
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    Why are they stealing money from the PUBLIC SCHOOLS??? We just open The Wake Forest Academy claiming they are Public School and a NONPROFIT, supported by profit company??? Please do away of these so call NOPROFITS using PUBLIC FUNDS!!<br /> <br /> Contacts: 919-570-0381 or 919-612-8873<br /> Taught for 35.8 in Philadelphia and 15 in North Carolina, certified in Math and Science. <br /> Founder of offthebench.org.
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