Teacher shortage leaves Pittsboro students without a steady instructor

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Due to a shortage of public school teachers across the state, at least one fifth grade classroom in Chatham county has been without a teacher. Now that we're six weeks into the school year, students and parents are getting worried.

From WRAL, 

The first day at Perry Harrison Elementary in Pittsboro was six weeks ago, but there is still no teacher for Krista Millard's son.

 "He really wants a teacher," she said.

 Millard said her son's class has had at least five different substitutes since August. Along with subs, other teachers and the principal have stepped in to assist.

 Millard, along with other parents, are worried their students are going to soon fall behind.

 "They are being given worksheets and busy work instead of being in groups and being hands-on," said Leslie Matthews.

 According to Chatham County officials, the school district is working to fill several vacancies, but they are having trouble finding qualified candidates.

 "To have a qualified teacher is far more important than just having a warm body," said Lisa Carlin with Chatham County schools.

 Many school districts across the state are dealing with similar shortages. Despite recent boosts, teacher pay in North Carolina is still among the lowest in the country. To attract more qualified candidates, Carlin says this school year Chatham County increased its supplemental pay for teachers.

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    I'm happy to announce that Perry Harrison hired wonderful and well qualified teacher for our fifth graders! I'm thankful to the Chatham County Schools administration and our fabulous Principal for working so hard to find a teacher for our kids. It's all too common these days in NC that there are openings for teachers without enough qualified applicants. I'm afraid that if our Legislature doesn't provide educators with competitive salaries and benefits this problem will only worsen.
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