Average NCians Aren't Feeling the "Carolina Comeback"

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If the average State Fair attendee is any indication, NC voters aren't buying McCrory's spin about the "Carolina Comeback." Despite McCrory claiming the economy is back on track, NCians are still concerned with their job security and aren't seeing an economic boost in their personal lives.

From WRAL:

Burdened by worries and resting on a bench at the North Carolina State Fair, Richard Blackmon described his impending layoff from a job assembling heavy construction equipment at a time when his state's economy is supposedly recovering.

"The economy is not coming back, said Blackmon, 52, as nearby vendors sold old-timey items like scrimshaw jewelry and rag dolls. "We're not selling the product that I build and they're telling (us) that they're going to have to start laying off."

How the economy feels to Blackmon helps explain why many middle-class voters haven't embraced a centerpiece of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's re-election campaign. Since his first year in office, the governor has repeatedly said he's helped spark an economic recovery in North Carolina 

But out of nearly a dozen people interviewed Wednesday at the State Fair, including those who said they plan to back McCrory, only one said the economy feels like it's on the right track.


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