State Employees May be Saying Goodbye to Popular Health Insurance

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This coming Friday hundreds of thousands of state employees and retirees could be effected forever if officials vote to change the current State Health Plan. The proposed changes would include removal of coverage for spouses, elimination of the 80/20 plan (which covers 40% of employees), and increases in overall costs. If this new plan passes, North Carolina's State Health Plan will be the worst in the US and will be negatively impact working families across our state.

Who is behind these cuts? No surprise - Governor McCrory and politicians. 

Read all of the WRAL article HERE.

Executives who run the health plan, which covers state workers, teachers and retirees, have also recommended that the board consider eliminating coverage for spouses, likely sending most of them to shop for coverage on Affordable Care Act exchanges.

Changes under consideration would also add premiums and raise the deductibles paid by those who enroll in the remaining plans. One of those is a "consumer-directed" plan with high deductibles paired with a health savings account. For many state workers, particularly those who earn lower salaries, that plan isn't affordable, said Ardis Watkins, the lead lobbyist for SEANC. "If you can't afford to shell out a lot of upfront cost, it's like not having insurance at all," Watkins said.

"Ultimately, I think this was the legislature's fault," Hall said, noting it was lawmakers that pushed the plan to find cost savings. "I think it's just another way to cost shift onto the working class. Not only are we doing that, but we found a sneaky way to make them (the health plan) the hatchet men."


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    michael cushwa
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    This would be the final blow to all who have worked for the state.
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    Anne White
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    It is a shame that our governor and Legislature would do something like this. State employees count on this insurance for themselves and their families. Retirees were promised health insurance and the ability to include spouses. When are the people of this state going to hold them accountable for their actions.
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    Stephen Zandy
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    Okay, this is the final straw.<br /> <br /> All REAL State Employees need to stand up and say NO.<br /> <br /> Lots worked for 30 years for their benefits.
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    I worked for the State for 26 years and now they are trying to take away our Health Benefits. What is a senior citizen to do???
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    Jan Grossnickle
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    This is an unacceptable way to treat your dedicated teachers and retirees.
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    This state is an embarrassment!! What they have done to their state workers, teachers included, is a disgrace. What incentives do these workers have to stay in North Carolina.
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    Renee Bussanich
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    Our legislators do not want quality public schools so they don't care about driving teachers away to other states. They want to privatize everything which would mean cheaper labor and fewer benefits but more profits for their cronies. Teachers here need to go on strike. Period.
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    Rick Beam
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    NC government is the laughingstock of America. Time for a class action lawsuit. If any incumbant is reelected, shame on us. There are state employees and retirees who will accept this because they will not break party lines, how sad.
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    diane truman
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    This is a sad state of affairs for those who have worked for less pay understanding that health care benefits made up for part of the low rate of pay. Now another slap in the face! Wake up folks......if you continue to support these folks in office you deserve what you get.
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    Contact the board in charge of insurance! Prepare to vote and get McC and his buddies out of office!
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    Ann Deupree
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    Our NC Treasurer has kept our health insurance healthy for years, so we have good coverage. If our state legislators gut this program, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Vote them all out!
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    Jack Willis
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    Does anyone have the names of the board and addresses/emails?
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    What is going on in this state? Are you trying to get people to leave and discourage other s from coming here. You are on your way out of office if you don' t start looking out of your constituents. We voted you in; we can vote you out.
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    Donna Karolak
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    Teacher's voices must be heard in the next election! Get McC and his cronies out or we will have only those who can't teach elsewhere teaching our children in NC. The way we treat educators in this state is a huge embarrassment, now we add more fuel to the fire. Accountibilty works two ways!
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    Ron Kincaid
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    State employees (teachers) have accepted their low pay because of their dedication to their students and their benefits. The pay is not going up so it is imperative that you keep their health plans at present levels or even improve them. Take a look at what they are paid. I worked in private industry and recognized we had employees with 10th grade education making more than teachers. I recognize it is nearly impossible to pay our teachers what they deserve but this idea of eliminating or reducing their health coverage is out of bounds. LETS get this right! Thanks!
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    Deborah Murray
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    I am a "Spouse" on a state health plan. My husband and I pay more than $600 a month for the 80/20 coverage! I have medical conditions that will prevent me from getting a comparable or even decent health insurance plan from a private vendor! We are so furious about this! If this passes it literally could mean life or death for me!
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    So state employees are going to be forced into the ACA but clamor it will be too expensive? Most of these employees voted for this administration but don't want to be a part of his signature tax (I mean legislation)? Welcome to what the rest of us have to deal with. My rates have more than doubled since the ACA was passed. Everyone is commenting to vote this state administration out, but it would seem to me they are focused on the wrong administration.
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    Leesa Brieger
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    Don't you want to post a list of representatives' phone numbers and email addresses so the public can let them know our reaction to this whole thing. Input from the public would be good for them to hear! Why are you not creating a channel for that to happen?
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    John vangorder
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    Is there lead and sewerage in the water yet? Just keep on with this "cost saving" and it won't be long...
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    Elaine Brown
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    This the continuation of the attacks on teachers and other state employees. I hope the governor and his cronies have to live under the same rules. I rather doubt it though.
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    Contact info for Legislators is at:<br /> As a retired state employee, I have witnessed cuts and cuts and more cuts for many years. Low pay used to be offset by good benefits, but those are mostly gone now. There are a lot of good people being screwed over by this governor and legislature. Unfortunately, most people don't seem to pay attention or care.
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    Autumne Lowe
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    Why must every budget cut this state makes be borne on the backs of teachers and public servants who are already overworked and underpaid?! How about instead of lamenting our inability to pay our debts and maintain our public education system and social programs, you morons figure out how to create some revenue. Imagine that! Instead of making budget cuts, make some frickin' money. You certainly know how to do that for YOURSELVES. Of course, your pockets are thoroughly lined, so I doubt you care too terribly much about those of us who provide some of the most important services in the state while being paid beans. You've got yours, so there really is no incentive for you to use a few brain cells and some creativity to come up with a better solution to our budget crisis. In closing, all I can say is that I CANNOT WAIT to NOT vote for you idiots this November. I would vote for a monkey to run our state before I would vote for any of you, and I am confident the monkey would do a better job than you have.
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    I recently retired and had the option of transferring my state time into the local govt. or keep the state time and have state insurance. WOW ... did I make the right decision!! (I transferred it). Once again, the state workers are screwed with the big one!! This is a poor excuse of how to treat your employees (current and former). Also, to the SENAC group ... why are employees paying into you "for a voice" that apparently does NOTHING??
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