State Audit Finds Waste, Nepotism at NC DHHS

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A state audit of the Department of Health and Human Services has uncovered millions in waste and cost overruns, in part due to nepotism by one manager. That manager hired her friends on numerous occasions and paid them well in excess of what those positions should have earned.

From the News and Observer report,

A retired state Department of Health and Human Services manager wasted more than $1.6 million by hiring as temporary employees a dozen people whom she personally knew and paying them too much, according to a state audit released Wednesday.

The audit does not name the manager, but Angie Sligh was head of the office that managed information systems for Medicaid in the period covered by the audit. She retired earlier this year.

Before 2013, Sligh was in charge of the installation of a Medicaid bill-paying system that is now called NCTracks. Sligh and the work of her office have been the subject of previous critical audits.

A 2012 audit detailed the new system’s cost overruns and delays. A 2013 audit reported excessive overtime payments to Sligh and other managers reporting to her. Wednesday’s audit said DHHS management should have monitored her more closely.

In a 17-page response to the 25-page audit, DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos disputed some of the audit’s thrust, saying that the agency “disagrees with some of the inferences and conclusions” and that some of the audit includes a “flawed analysis. 


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