Sen. Berger Compares Teacher Assistants to Manual Typewriters

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On October 27, Senator Phil Berger gave a speech  on public education reform at Best NC's second annual legislative gathering. His speech raised questions about schools of education in NC and the future of teacher assistants. This raises concerns because Berger has been known for his history of trying to get rid of teacher assistants in NC. 

From EdNC, 

On Teacher Assistants:

“Research shows teacher assistants don’t have a meaningful impact on student’s academic outcomes…but here in North Carolina this year we will spend almost $400 million dollars on teacher assistants next year. I equate it to an office supply business that chooses to continue to invest in manual typewriters.”



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    What research? Could Sen. Berger cite the research?
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    Randolph Lawrence
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    Berger is another of the Repug thugs who needs public whipping. Getting a decent thought into his head is pipe-dreaming. More relevant is dreaming of piping him upside his cynical, twisted head.
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    Shelley Roberts
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    Trying to compare any classroom to an office supply business tells me enough about this man and his knowledge of a classroom. He is completely uneducated about public education and what it takes to meet the needs of 20 plus learners. He has no concept of having to research, plan engaging lessons, and teach the lesson while meeting the needs of three who speak very little English, one who has an IEP and needs assistance writing, two with such severe ADHD (diagnosed) that they have to have constant physical proximity and verbal reminders...not to mention the other children who are all different levels. Personally, I think Phil Berger should stick to staplers and tape...perhaps across his mouth. I have taught elementary school for 15 years, been nominated for teacher of the year three times and considered leaving the profession every single year, not ever because of the children, but because of politicians and decisions made by people who have spent NO time in a classroom. Please come to my classroom, sir. Come and meet my TA, without whom myself and my students would suffer even more than we currently are under the state if things. He is irreplaceable, you are not.
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