Small NC business owners gather to protest Gov. Pat McCrory’s tax hikes

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Yesterday in Greenville small business owners and other concerned citizens gathered to voice their opposition to the tax hikes working families have been hit with in recent years thanks to Governor McCrory and politicians in Raleigh. This event was part of our Tax Hike Truth Tour, which has stops in Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, Greensboro and Asheville this week!

From the WNCT article,

Some taxpayers in the area are unhappy with Governor Pat McCrory’s policies.

A group of small business owners along with progress NC shared their opinions about McCrory’s tax hikes.They stood outside the Pitt County courthouse Wednesday afternoon. A number of people spoke and shared their personal stories.

One protester said he lost the $50,000 income tax deduction for small businesses, and with a baby on the way, the changes are affecting his family.

“The governor’s tax policies are hurting middle-class family’s hard-working families hard working middle-class families like my own,” said Zach Voigt, a business owner.

HB2 was also brought up at today’s event. One business owner said some of his clients have backed out since the new law was passed.


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