SHOCKING VIDEO: Big Oil Bused In Homeless People For Fracking Hearing

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New video from the Asheville Citizen-Times appears to show evidence that big oil companies and other pro-fracking advocates paid people, some of them reportedly homeless, to appear at the hearing wearing pro-fracking t-shirts and hats. Here's the unbelievable video:

So, we already know Mouthpiece Moffitt is plagiarizing big oil talking points on this blog and now industry groups are to paying people to show up at a public hearing. It's also worth noting that hundreds of opponents of fracking showed up to the Cullowhee hearing, as well as the previous 3. So far none were paid to come.


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    Craig Pannell
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    An obvious attempt to derail the will of the good people of North Carolina.......Fracking will not bring jobs to this state....It will only make money for the Big Oil Companies that are trying to destroy our greatest asset in the process.......Our Beautiful Environment.....Thank you for sharing this video....Maybe now all can see what lengths they will go to to get what they want.....
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    Looks like they took a páge from democrats book. At least a couple of homeless people made some money and might learn about opertunities that are being created.
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    Sharon Mills
    | Permalink are an idiot. It is spelled "opportunities." Living proof this $$$ needs to go to education in NC. Not fracking.
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    Cindy Large
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    I pray that you folks have better luck with your fight than we did . We had the same thing happen here , except they paid their employees to show up at the last meeting prior to our Board of Supervisors voting to ad gas wells to our zoning ordinance . <br /> Up until then , every meeting of the BOS for over 2 years , had 90 % of the people against it . When the vote came , it was very apparent that our BOS was in the gas company's pocket . We lost . <br /> But our fight continues .....and we are resolved to completely replace our Board .
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    Herb M
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    G*d bless Sharon Mills!
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    Yes Sharon Mills! This is infuriating!
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