Sharp Drop in Public Assistance Voter Registrations since 2012

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North Carolina is ignoring the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, according to several voting rights advocacy groups. Public assistance agencies, who are required to offer voter registration per the act, have experienced a 50% drop in average voter registrations since 2012, when the Gov. McCrory's administration took office.

Just why voter registration applications have dropped is unclear. The likely explanation is that when the McCrory administration took over, new leaders at DHHS, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the State Board of Elections simply overlooked the requirement.

That’s the way it’s seen by Gary Sims, deputy director of Wake County’s Board of Elections. He has complained in messages to his director, Cherie Poucher, and the State Board of Elections Director Kim Strach that DMV routinely fails to forward voter registrations to local elections boards. “I think what we have here is an agency that has failed to do their jobs,” Sims wrote. 

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