Seniors Hit Hard by Higher State Taxes After NCGA "Tax Reform"

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We've been hearing it a lot and now we have another story of seniors paying a lot more in state taxes thanks for the so called "tax reform" plan passed by the legislature and signed by Governor McCrory in 2013. 

We're kicking off our Tax Hike Truth Tour today to amplify stories like these and let folks know what taxpayers are facing. You can see a full list of events on our Facebook page.

From the article,

"My wife has frontal lobe dementia, and she cannot stand or walk or speak. She needs total care."

Don Ward spends nearly every hour of the day in his Hendersonville home caring for his 82-year-old wife, Cynthia. Two caregivers help him most of the week. Between the caregivers, insurance premiums, medicine, surgeries and other related costs, Ward's medical expenses totaled $40,000 for 2014.

In 2013, when his expenses were about the same, Ward's North Carolina income tax refund was $1,000, which he put in a medical account that took care of expenses such as paying the two caregivers.

For 2014, however, Ward will take a big hit and owe nearly $3,000.



  1. Elaine Percival's avatar
    Elaine Percival
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    And many of those legislators who made that happen were returned to office last November. I don't understand why voters.of western NC continue to vote for Republicans.
  2. Mike Rodgers's avatar
    Mike Rodgers
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    Elaine P., it's because the Republicans, and their corporate masters, have much better propaganda machines. And they spend much more money convincing people that they will "save" this country, when all they really want is total subjugation and compliance.
  3. raymond konrady's avatar
    raymond konrady
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    i was thinking about relocating in nc because it is such a beautiful state the mountains, seashore, but since the politicians in this state have ignored the poor, the old. and become blood brothers to the koch brothers and duke energy i have decided not to move to nc.,
  4. Steve Smith's avatar
    Steve Smith
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    I said from the outset that the Republicans were playing a cynical shell game with their so-called tax reform. What we need is to eliminate income taxes completely, and let the Wards -- and everyone else -- keep every bit of their own money.
  5. Jim Baker's avatar
    Jim Baker
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    The sad part is the Churches of NC support this kind of cruel anti-Christian behavior. as the Churches and Evangelicals of NC have married themselves to the Republican party. Mike Rodgers is totally correct in his comment. The only piece missing is the role played by the Church and the propaganda they disseminate.
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