SENATOR STONEWALL DAY #8: Petition signed by 4,000 people comes to “Medicaid Meredith’s” front door as senator goes full week dodging questions of welfare fraud

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After a full week of stonewalling silence from state Senator Wesley Meredith of Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. residents and concerned citizens to deliver 4,000 petition signatures to the Senator’s business on Tuesday morning

FAYETTEVILLE -- It’s been a full week since documents publicly surfaced to offer clear evidence that state Sen. Wesley Meredith engaged in welfare fraud. Meredith has thumbed his nose at the requests of even his own Cumberland Co. Republican Party, which said “The public deserves to learn the truth from men asking for our trust.”

The credible documents suggest Senator Meredith made close to $100,000 in 1996 when his wife signed up their infant son for Medicaid and food stamps. Meredith’s ex-wife has said she that her husband controlled family finances, and that Sen. Meredith went with her to the local welfare agency to apply for government assistance. Despite numerous calls for Meredith to explain the allegations, the senator has refused to directly answer the accusations.

Tuesday morning, Cumberland Co. residents and concerned citizens will deliver over 4,000 petition signatures from North Carolina voters asking Sen. Meredith to come forward to publicly answer questions of accusations of welfare fraud.

“Cumberland County voters have a right to know whether their senator defrauded taxpayers by using government benefits despite his comfortable income,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress NC Action. “The longer Sen. Meredith refuses to discuss these serious allegations, the more people should wonder what ‘Welfare Wes’ is hiding.”

WHAT: Citizen petition delivery to Sen. Wesley Meredith
WHEN: 10:45am on Tuesday, October 7
WHERE: Cardinal Landscaping, 1064 71st School Rd. in Fayetteville
               (meet in the parking lot across the street)

Progress NC Action will hold a short media availability before delivering the petition signatures. In-person interviews may be held after the delivery.


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