Senator Berger Didn't "Get it Right"

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As criticism of the budget continues coming in, one Raleigh resident is calling Senator Berger out for his assertion that politicians, "got it right" on the budget. 

From the LTE in the News and Observer,

A $750 bonus for teachers and state employees? No cost of living increase for state retirees? Seems to me that these Tar Heel residents both past and present are the ones who made and continue to make North Carolina so great. And this is how Berger and his fellow state leaders reward them?

My suggestion is that Berger and his fellow elected officials take a “field trip” sometime to a local school or state employees office, and they will quickly find out that these hard-working, taxpaying people are worth much more than $750.

Election season is coming soon. And many will remember this gesture by our elected officials.


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