Senate’s Teacher Pay Plan Simply Hides the Ball

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Berger Refuses to Explain How He’ll Pay for $468 Million Plan. Get Ready for Deep Cuts.

This morning, Senate President Phil Berger announced a budget proposal that he claims would give North Carolina teachers an average pay raise of about 11 percent — much higher than the measly two percent raise put forth by Gov. McCrory earlier this month.

So how would Berger pay for this pay raise? In short, we don’t know — because he won’t say.

At no point during Sen. Berger’s 20-minute press conference did he offer any kind of specifics on how to pay for his $468 million plan. Gov. McCrory’s miserly pay plan came with deep cuts to higher education, Medicaid and other essential services, and the Berger plan would cost twice as much. That means the Senate’s cuts will likely be even more severe. By not revealing the specifics of his plan, Sen. Berger hopes to hide the cuts needed to pay for his pay plan.

Until Sen. Berger stops hiding the ball on budget cuts and releases his plan to pay for these raises, the public should remain skeptical.

“Once again, Raleigh politicians who have made a cottage industry of attacking public schools are trying to hide the cuts,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina. “Senator Berger does not want to talk about the budget cuts needed to pay for his pay raise plan, and he really does not want to mention the reckless tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations which have dug public schools into a huge budget hole.”


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