“Medicaid Meredith” Day #3 - A SENATOR IN HIDING

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State Senator Wesley Meredith of Fayetteville continues to dodge questions as ex-wife now contradicts Sen. Meredith and says he applied for Medicaid in person while earning big income. Documents show Sen. Meredith placed wife and son on Medicaid and food stamps in 1996 despite almost $100,000 income.

FAYETTEVILLE -- On Thursday, Progress North Carolina Action launched a petition calling on NC State Senator Wesley Meredith of Fayetteville to come forward and fully explain documents recently released which strongly suggest Sen. Meredith defrauded tax-payers by collecting welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps for his wife and infant son when the family earned taxable income that was far above the maximum allowed to qualify.

In Thursday’s Fayetteville Observer, Meredith’s ex-wife said the state Senator took her to Cumberland County’s Dept. of Social Services in 1996 and they applied together for welfare benefits. On Tuesday The FayObserver reported the Meredith had told their reporter on Sept. 18th that "Meredith said he had no memory of doing anything to put his son on Medicaid." But over the last two days, Meredith has offered no denial of the allegations, has yet to explain the documents, has refused to face reporters, and has responded to most recent newspaper inquiries only by text message.

The documents presented to reporters at a Tuesday press conference include income tax returns, a Medicaid identification card and food stamp receipts for Elizabeth Longbottom Meredith and the couple’s son Mason. According to WTVD, the documents show that the Merediths used government assistance in 1996 and 1997. However, documents from the couple’s 1997 separation agreement show that Meredith’s income was over $100,000.

On Thursday, Progress North Carolina Action launched a petition calling on Sen. Meredith to explain these allegations and apologize to his constituents if they are true.

“North Carolina taxpayers deserve to know whether Sen. Meredith cheated them by abusing government assistance despite his comfortable income,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina Action. “The Cumberland County Republican Party has it right when they said, ‘The public deserves the truth from the men asking or our trust.’ As someone who claims to support family values, Sen. Meredith should explain these allegations instead of attempting to deflect criticism onto his opponent.”

Click here to see a selection of the documents.

But don’t take our word for it…

ICYMI, on Wednesday, the Cumberland County Republican Party issued a blistering statement expressing disappointment that Sen. Meredith “may have financially abandoned his wife and child” and abusing taxpayer assistance. The full statement reads as follows:

The Cumberland County Republican Party believes that our nation’s strength lies with her families. Therefore, we are disappointed to hear of allegations that Senator Wesley Meredith may have financially abandoned his wife and child, and allowed taxpayers to foot the bill through Medicaid, food stamps, and WIC.

These are serious matters, and we expect that Senator Meredith will be considerate of the impact of the issues raised by these allegations on the women, children, and families in our community, by addressing them completely and without delay.

Should the allegations prove true, we call on Senator Meredith to accept responsibility, repay the funds, and apologize to the taxpayers of this county and state. If Senator Meredith is being falsely accused for political purposes, we challenge voters to hold his opponent, Mr. Richardson, responsible.

The public deserves to learn the truth from men asking for our trust. Character and integrity matter, and our families deserve to know that those elected to represent them share their values.

Linda Devore
Cumberland County Republican Party

If you agree that the public has a right to know the truth about Senator Meredith and these allegations, sign our petition calling on him to hold a public press conference where he clearly refutes or confirms the claims. 



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