Sen. Burr Follows His Tradition of Blocking Justice

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Not only is Senator Richard Burr in opposition to giving Merrick Garland a chance for a hearing, but he is also blocking the nomination of the recognizably qualified Patricia Timmons-Goodson to be a federal judge. This stubborn partisanship on the part of Sen. Burr is not only delaying justice in NC but demeaning our courts and our judicial process. 

Read the editorial from the News&Observer here:  

By any measure, Timmons-Goodson’s career has been distinguished, and her rulings and writings are available for all to see and judge. She is well-qualified to be a federal judge.

But Timmons-Goodson’s nomination to fill a vacancy in the U.S. Eastern District of North Carolina is being stalled by the simple stubbornness of Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr. The judicial post, which has gone unfilled since Jan. 1, 2006, is the nation’s longest-running federal court vacancy.

In opposing the nomination, Burr said he won’t submit the “blue slip” that’s needed from the home state’s senator to get a judicial nomination moving.

Burr’s opposition is unfair to Timmons-Goodson personally and unfair to the system running short of federal judges.

The senator said he’s blocking the nomination because the president made “a brazenly political nomination, and without consulting either of North Carolina’s senators.” By “brazenly political” he means that Timmons-Goodson shares the president’s view of the law rather than Burr’s.

This obstruction is hardly a first for the state’s senior senator. He also opposed North Carolina native Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be U.S. attorney general, and he has joined in the GOP charade of denying a hearing for the president’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland.



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