Sea Level Science Police to Resurface at General Assembly

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After Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert Lampoons Head-in-Sand State Lawmakers, Will Climate Deniers Still Try to Outlaw Mainstream Predictions of Rising Sea Level?

RALEIGH – After late night Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert dedicated five minutes of his nightly “Colbert Report” to mocking North Carolina’s General Assembly for attempts to outlaw predictions of rising sea levels, today a committee of the North Carolina State Senate will debate a bill aimed at outlawing mainstream sea level science.

The NC Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources will meet at 9am in Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building to consider House Bill 819. The bill would direct the Coastal Resources Commission to ignore mainstream predictions of sea levels rising by 39-inches by the year 2100. The bill would direct the Coastal Resource Commission to accept rising sea level predictions based only on historic records since the year 1900. The bill would prohibit sea level predictions based on models of projected climate change, or global warming.

“Stephen Colbert may have the best description for this absurd political theatre,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director for Progress North Carolina. “Colbert said, ‘If your science gives you a result that you don’t like, pass a law saying the science is illegal. Problem solved!’ If only it was that easy.” Colbert’s lampooning of the North Carolina General Assembly can be seen here: “Sink or Swim”.

“Late night laughs aside, shouldn’t we pay attention to mainstream science when setting coastal land use policies? These are not alarmist tsunami warnings, so lawmakers should pull their heads out of the sand.”

WHO: NC Senate Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources
WHAT: Hearing of House Bill 819
WHEN: Thursday, June 7th, 9am
WHERE: Legislative Office Building, Room 643


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