School District Superintendent Calls for Raises for All Teachers

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The Superintendent of Gaston County Schools is calling Governor McCrory and the legislature to find the money for pay raises for both new and veteran teachers during the current General Assembly session. After a pay raise last year that left most veteran teachers out in the cold, districts across the state are pleading with politicians in Raleigh to give support to veteran teachers in NC.

From the Gaston Gazette article,

“Increasing the base pay for beginning teachers is important if we are going to attract the best teachers for our classrooms.  Equally important is working to increase salaries for all teachers.  All teachers — from the ones with a few years of experience in education to our veteran educators who have given their lives to the profession — deserve and need a pay increase.” 

In Gaston County, Booker said, the district is working to increase the local supplement paid to teachers.

 Wi-Fi? Check

Gaston County is ahead of the game when it comes to wireless Internet access. Every public school in the county has Wi-Fi. But by itself, Booker says, the access isn’t enough.

“What we need now is adequate funding for technology so that our students and teachers have the latest computers and other digital learning tools in the classroom,” he said.


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    All superintendents across the state should call on the governor for teacher raises in a united show of support.
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