S.B. 2 continues trend of conservative restrictions on rights

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The actions of politicians in Raleigh often receive coverage from state newspapers, but now, it's starting to garner national attention. SB 2, which would allow officials who issue wedding certificates to refuse to wed same-sex couples if they have any "sincerely held religious objections", is another in a recent trend of legislation designed to reduce or restrict individuals rights, even if those rights are protected by federal law.

But honestly, folks, in the year 2015, one thing really ought to be clear under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment: If the law gives a person a right to a government service, a government official has no right to refuse to give it. Not because of race; not because of religion; and not because “we don’t like your kind around here.”

Any magistrate or register in North Carolina whose religion requires them to discriminate in performing his or her duties has one and only one honorable choice.

Resign. Find a job your conscience will allow you to perform. Don’t impose your beliefs on the people who pay your salary.

From The Atlantic


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