Another Rural Hospital Closes in North Carolina

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Novant Health's Franklin Medical Center will stop admitting patients today, Friday, October 16th. This is Franklin County's only hospital and will greatly affect the county's healthcare. While there are many challenges for rural hospitals, Governor McCrory and the legislature can help them out by expanding Medicaid, which would give health care access to 500,000 North Carolinians. 

From WNCT,

Experts say closing hospitals is something rural communities are going to see more frequently in the coming years.

UNC Professor Mark Holmes says several factors have come together to accelerate this trend, including the recession, shrinking populations, changing technology, and insurance reimbursement changes.

“We do see some circumstances where the hospital can turn it around. But, for the most part, it’s usually a long and slow steady change,” said Holmes.

Since 2010, 57 rural hospitals have closed nationwide, including three in North Carolina. Vidant’s Pungo Hospital in Belhaven is one that closed here in the East.


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    Nick Lento
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    Let me guess, this hospital serves mostly poor folks and minorities.
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    Lorri Barrier
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    Expanding Medicaid is the best thing for NC. It is inhumane to leave rural areas without access to a local hospital.
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    Anni Paisley
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    To not expand Medicaid has proven itself more day after day to be a death sentence for those in need! Wake up and expand these services now!
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    Ed Stines
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    Been screaming for expansion to medicaid for the longest while but can you see the Republicans doing anything to help the poor? The cost to the state coffers is nominal as other red states finally seen but I think it's just a 'I hate the black guy' thing.
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    Yes mostly minorities. Idk about the poor. The first thing that came to my mind was their Horrible HORRIBLES service. And not to mention how long it would take to be seen.
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    Or perhaps poor management. This hospital was in trouble before Obamacare. Has been since the late 1990's. Looking more like Canada, where you must travel far for heath care and wait up to 6 months for tests!
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