POLL: 60% Of North Carolinians Paying More In State Taxes

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60% of North Carolinians surveyed say their state taxes have increased since 2013 tax “reform” -- including a majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents

RALEIGH -- Local senior citizens, small business owners and other taxpayers will join Sen. Dan Blue, Rep. Larry Hall and Rep. Bobbie Richardson in Raleigh on Wednesday to discuss the higher state taxes they’re paying thanks to the General Assembly’s so-called “tax reform.” Also on Wednesday, Progress NC will release a new poll which finds that a majority of North Carolinians say their taxes have gone up this year thanks to working-class tax hikes.

The statewide survey found that 60% of respondents -- including 67% of Democrats, 59% of Independents and even 57% of Republicans -- say their state taxes have increased this year. And a whopping 89% of respondents -- including 91% of Democrats, 90% of Independents and 84% of Republicans -- say their family’s financial situation hasn’t improved recently.



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    I'm one of those whose taxes went up, big time. As a senior on fixed income the only "raise" I ever get is a COLA. All but $7 of my SSA COLA this year went to pay my additional NC taxes even though NC does NOT tax SSA. My NC state income did not increase for 2014 so why the H did my taxes? Because I can no longer deduct some pension income as I had been able to in the past. Other seniors have been hit hard since they can no longer deduct health care. To put it bluntly, you will not find me voting for ANY republican in the future. They have royally screwed the middle class, working poor and seniors.
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    Taxes went up, and as a teacher, I'm being robbed by the state.
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    I actually made $1000 less this year. I got a refund of $250 last year. This year I paid $150.
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    Had to pay state taxes for the first time and got a pay cut from the state to boot. Have not had a pay raise in the 13 years I've worked for the state and now they are telling me I am not worth 2 more dollars an hour as a care provider for the special needs population. Thanks NC!
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    yes unbelievable I got no money back this year after last year getting 600 and change! Thanks ACA not only did it take my refund but now I'm stuck with a high insurance bill too! Didn't have all that before ACA thanks Kay Hagen for voting that in and sticking us with the bill... While you still get free healthcare that we r still paying for! No wander they didn't roll that out sooner now looks like all the new elected people did it to us all the ones responsible are leaving office and taking our money with them!
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