Republican Voter ID Law Backfires For Loyal 86 Year Old Voter

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Reba Bowser, an 86 year old voter, ran into complications getting her photo ID and may not even be able to vote. These complications arose from voter ID laws put in place by republicans to discourage votes from poor and minority communities. 

Read the full editorial from The Charlotte Observer here:

So this month, with the North Carolina primary approaching, Reba wanted to make sure she could vote again. She needed to register, and she needed a valid photo ID, because beginning this year, North Carolina is requiring one to vote.

Last week, Ed helped her gather the papers the state said she needed for that ID. They decided to make an event of the process – a celebration of democracy. They went out to lunch. They filled out her voter registration form. They took a happy photo.

On Monday, they went to the Department of Motor Vehicles in west Asheville. There, they laid out all of Reba’s paperwork for a DMV official – her birth record from Pennsylvania, her Social Security card, the New Hampshire driver’s license she let expire because she no longer wanted to drive.

But there was a problem. When Reba got married in 1950, she had her name legally changed. Like millions upon millions of women, she swapped out her middle name for her maiden name.

That name – Reba Miller Bowser – didn’t match the name on her birth record. A DMV computer flagged the discrepancy, Bowser says. Her photo ID application was rejected.

Ed was surprised. And Reba? “It wasn’t obvious to my mom what was happening,” he says.

There’s good reason for Reba’s confusion. Her name had never been an issue before this week. Not when she applied for driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Not when she’s flown on airplanes and traveled to other countries.

But now, she’s become tangled in other people’s politics. It’s exactly the kind of thing research and voter ID opponents predicted when the law was passed in 2013.



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    Brenda Wayne Wyatt
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    My name used to Be Brenda Joyce Wayne. I married it Was Brenda Wayne Wyatt. I divorced it was Brenda Wayne; I remarried again to another Wyatt and it is Brenda Wayne Wyatt again. These things should be considered it was legal and I paid a price to have it done. Lay off the shit and let people vote.
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    Terry Foster
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    I have the same problem with my FIRST name...Some 45 year old divorce paper called me Terry instead of Teresa. I have a very unique middle/maiden name matching my SS card. I live in NC the crookedest state out of much for the privatization of the DMV. Stupid beyond belief staffing. It is women that change names, then again when divorcing so this is a way to keep women from voting.
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