Republican Shutdown Watch: 8 days until DC goes dark.

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Current funding for the federal government runs out a week from Thursday, just eight days from now, and it’s apparently up to Republicans in the U.S. House to avoid another government shutdown.

 So what could possibly go wrong?

To placate the radical right, some Republican members are proposing alternative ideas like:  refusing to invite President Obama to give his State of the Union address to Congress, defunding Air Force One, and of course... voting to impeach the President. One Tea Party group warns it's "10,000 sentinels" will rally to defund the Dept. of Homeland Security, which carries out immigration policy. Click here to read more on how the right wing tries to avoid another one of their slow motion train wrecks. 

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R - NC) was instrumental in the 2013 government shutdown which blew up on Republicans.


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    Nancy Morton
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    It's in the Constitution that the President gives the state of the union to Congress. It's the law. They don''t invite him, he goes. Legally it's his duty to do. Article II Section 3. He can convene both Houses for various reasons as well. Geez, who do they think they are dealing with here. This is the office of the President we're talking about. They might not like the man but they can't ignore the Constitution. I wish he could fire them . I'm fed up with the lot of them.
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    Ronda Evans
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    Republicans, Democrats, and even President Obama are negotiating how much money to rain on the rich and corporations to avoid a Republican shutdown. If we want to avoid a total collapse of American society all economists say “Rain Money on the People” Without consumers – 71% of the economy, many business will continue to go out of business, poverty and homelessness increasing. 2013: $3 Trillion dollars a year for Corporate Welfare, twice as much as Social Security and Medicare Republicans are trying to reinstate expired $1.8 trillion of these illegal and unconstitutional give away by persuading Democrats to take the deal so that the poor will have at least earned income credit a very small percentage. Isn't there other ways to rain money on the people if the Republicans continue this carnage? Looking forward to your ideas. <br /> <br /> Petition: Tell Senate Democrats: No terrible tax cut deals to help big business;akid=12339.3344226.d6ZBEW<br /> 12-3-14: The Story Behind the Story of Those Huge Corporate Tax Cuts
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